Shokai Genteiban
Thu, Jul 22, 2021 6:08 PM

Additional Information

The game no longer hangs on the screen where you have to press start, however it is still not without a myriad of issues: 

1.) During the 2nd stage, after taking a short ride up a floating elevator, the game crashes with the following error: "The running xbe has encountered an unhandled exception (Code : = 0xC0000005) at address 0x000E4E64."

2.) Health bars of the player, enemies, and bosses, do not show any visual indication of damage being taken. They always falsely appear as full, no matter how much damage you or the enemies take. You can still die, and so can the enemies, but this makes the game not playable.

3.) Voice dialogue and various other sound effects are missing from the gameplay and cutscenes. Music seems to be absent from the stages as well.

4.) The "Microsoft Studios" logo can sometimes rapidly flicker.

5.) The in-game cutscenes are mostly obscured by a dark filter, making them hard to see. 

6.) The environments turn into a really bright yellow color when moving the camera around, which may be seizure-inducing for some, making the main character, and other NPCs, appear much darker as well. At some angles however, the environments render at the colors they should, albeit with some sections of screen sometimes being covered with a grainy noise affect. The main character may still sometimes appear darker than he should when the environments are correctly colored.

7.) When dodging, by holding down the right trigger and pressing A, there should be a black-ish blur effect around the character while they dodge. Instead, there is just a black-ish sphere around them when they dodge. 


Was your experience different?

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